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Seismic Protection For Finance & Banking Industry

The brand started with the goal of helping ensure worker safety by protecting work environments from seismic activity, The brand has grown the seismic protection business to become the leading resource for seismic mitigation.

The brand's Innovation have created new categories in protection of equipment helping finance and banking businesses to remain operational during and after major seismic and blast events. The brand has achieved its leadership position by providing world class engineering supported products and professional service solutions. The brand fundamental goal is to protect all aspects of clients’ business operation to help ensure a rapid operational recovery from a seismic event.

Motor Boat & Yacht 

The brand presents a new concept - A NEW WAY OF LIVING ON WATER.

The brand sets a new standard of life on water. This innovative concept overturns the concept of a traditional home and puts living in the classical sense up for discussion, presenting a new dynamic and contemporary vision. It creates a completely new lifestyle offering people a choice to live wherever and however they prefer.

Food & Beverage Automation  

The brand we promote presents the concept - THE SMART WAY TO MAKE FOOD AND BEVERAGE.

Today's food and beverage making has become an art form, with professional automation 

often likening the process to a kind of alchemy. Automation is the secret weapon.

The brand we work with is an automatic savvy that works with an integrated human interface with more than 75 recipes pre-programmed and ready to follow. The simple functionality of the app allows you to serve the precise measurements needed for each one, to the exact millilitre.

Energy Saving

The brand engineers airflow management solutions to optimize data center cooling. With the brand's innovative, easy-to-use products and services the brand equips data centers to reduce cooling energy costs, improves IT equipment reliability, increases capacity for additional IT equipment, and cut OPEX, defer CapE and Reduce TCO.
The brand provides best-in-class products, industry-leading education, and hands-on advice to provide data center operators with the tools needed to maximize their cooling investments.