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Asia Pacific

WorkSite is an international trading service company focusing on high quality product with the potential business opportunity that undeveloped yet.


WorkSite has engaged in three industries including data center, yacht and food. We has established Taipei, Miami, Tokyo, Manila, Phuket & Shanghai liaison offices with associated service facilities.


WorkSite has successfully developed the strong and solid relationship with over 100 local strategical business partners around the world.

Our Services

Our Servuces
Opening Undeveloped Markets

WorkSite opens the market and gear your product into the sector the opportunity undeveloped yet. 

Branding Unbranding Brands

WorkSite brands your unbranding brand in the market segment other competitors have not found or developed. 

Operating Logistic Services

Logistic and service are the core image of the initial recognition for a brand to the consumer or enterprise user.

Finding Channel Partners

90% of branding fail due 

to the wrong channel network. WorkSite finds the best channel partners for your brand.


International regulatory needs to be adapted to local regulatory inspection to assure brand stands strong.

Facilitating Maintenance System 

For the long run, brand needs to be facilitated with a solid maintenance system to protect brand loyal customer.

“I am very happy to work with WorkSite. Worksite makes our brand become number one in the Asia Pacific Area from bottom in five years .”

Jason Strauss
CEO of ML Associates


Ready to find out more?

Talk to us about your product story and share your thought 

with us if you have quality product and like to sell in Asia Pacific Area. WorkSite Asia Pacific network could save you years time and money. You could earn the money and more importantly you also earn your brand respect and value.  

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